Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lakes Campground, Finlayson, NS

The Lakes Campground, Site 30

Day 14, June 24 - The Lakes Campground, Finlayson,NS - 148 miles, 1406.2 For the Trip

Another late post - No WiFi at the campground, except at the office, in fact no FM radio or cell coverage. While it was a foggy, dreary day, it never did more than light sprinkles, and that before we hit the campground. The Lakes Campground is a bit "worn" - only one shower & that is rough. It also must have had quite a bit of rain before we arrived - there are puddles & wet grass everywhere. We picked the site with the least amount of water on the ground & with a high spot for the tent, hoping there isn't too much rain this evening. A pretty spot, although lots of bugs...

The only photo for the day is the campsite - #30.

Dinner was sausage and dirty rice. I did get up to the office & was able to post today's update.

Till tomorrow -

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  1. Haven't had a chance to look at you Blog the last several entries....I like the area...need to put it on my to do list, Fuller Falls, Hopeful Rocks and the Falcon are all wetting my appetite ....thanks for travels...Horst sends