Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 3 at Lamoine State Park

Pulling a Lobster Trap

Day 6 - Lamoine State Park, ME 0 miles, 687.7 For the Trip

Actually, there were about 15 miles put on the RAV4 today, making a run to Ellsworth to get it washed & finally buy some chicken thighs. Other than that I didn't do a thing except sit around the campground, read, go for walks & finally, make dinner, which was grilled chicken, dirty rice (Knorrs from a package, but pretty good) and broccoli. I did get to Skype with my daughter in Botswana which was a nice father's day connection. I find it interesting that here in the campground far from anywhere I have a Verizon LTE connection that is faster both down & up than what I have at home with Time Warner cable. It worked great for Skyping as well as posting photos for pages.

The plan is to head out in the morning & stop at another Maine state park for tomorrow night. After that, I'll be in Canada, and the only updates will come from WiFi locations.

Till next time.

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