Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ready to Go!

Snapping Turtle LayingEggs
Today's photo has nothing to do with RVing or the trailer.  Can't say it has much to do with traveling since I took it about 1/4 mile from home.  Still, something different!

I'm all packed for Nova Scotia.  Plan to leave in the morning.  I discovered that the leak I mentioned a few posts ago was not due to a partially open window, but to my poor installation of the upper taillights.  While I did caulk around the wiring where it went into the trailer, trying to get caulk around 4 individual wires is harder than it looks.  We have had over 4" of rain so far in June, & when I went to pack the upper rear storage cabinet where I store bedding, everything in it was wet.  So, I've recaulked the lights, and will leave the cabinet unpacked to help it dry out.  While tomorrow is suppose to be dry, rain is predicted for Thursday.  We'll see how well I did by then.

Other than that, I'm ready to go.  Plan to take my time heading to Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, where I'll meet friends on the 21st.  Since I'll be traveling through the Adirondacks for the next couple of days, I may not find a good cell signal to post, so the daily blog updates may arrive in bunches.

Till then -

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  1. Looking forward to reading about your newest adventure...Safe Journey...Horst