Monday, June 24, 2013

Fundy Trail Parkway

Fuller Falls, Fundy Trail Parkway

Day 12 - Fundy Trail Parkway, NB 0 miles, 1080.8 For the Trip

Another day with no miles on the RAV4 or trailer, but far more traveling. We all took Don's Sienna through the Fundy National Park & on through the Fundy Trail Parkway for a total of 240 miles. The trip back was interesting - his GPS took us on a dirt road that might have gone where we wanted, but it got so bad we eventually turned around and Don's wife Anne used a map to get us back on track. The GPS kept trying all along the way back to get us on more dirt roads, even one that was only grass & someone's driveway. We eventually made it back to the campground an hour before they closed the gate & locked us out.

Not all the photos will be posted tonight. It seems I have used my allotted amount of data & only got half way through uploading the photos so there are likely to be a bunch of missing images. I'll try for the rest when I get a new connection. Actually, I'm posting this on the 24th, the first time I could get a fast enough connection.

A quick dinner of cheese brots, salad & the last bottle of NY wine, then all hitting the sack by11:00.

Till tomorrow -

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