Friday, June 14, 2013

Lamoine State Park, ME

Frenchman Bay, Lamoine State Park, ME

Day 4 - Lamoine State Park, ME- 201 miles, 611.7 For the Trip

A fairly uneventful day driving the rest of the way across New Hampshire and much of Maine. I even managed to follow Matilda's route (My GPS) without yelling at it. While there were a couple of stops for road construction, nothing as bad as yesterday's dirt road. As I got close to Lamoine State Park I started marking all the campgrounds. Arriving at a state park on a Friday is usually not a good idea, at least without reservations. Since I didn't really know when I'd get here, I didn't make any. I did try last night, but they require at least 3 days notice - I'm planning to leave by then.

I was given a list of open sites at the entrance office, and drove around to pick out a site. I really liked Site 50, so I set up, went back to the office, and told them I was in Site 40 - a bit of a brain slip. When I realized that I gave them the wrong site, I went back, and found that Site 50 was only available tonight. Since I'm staying until Monday morning, I decided it would probably be better to move tonight rather than wait till morning & find that some other site I chose was taken by an early arrival. So, I broke camp & moved to Site 40. Confused? Well so am I, but I'm settled. While there are no hookups at the sites, there is a bathroom with hot showers. I have a little more shade than at Site 50, but hopefully, there will be enough sun to keep the batteries up.

Not a lot in the way of photographs. I did walk down to the bay & took a photo, as well as an interesting rock, and, of course, two campsite photos. While walking along the shore I met another photographer, a Canadian from the Thousand Islands area. We talked shop for a bit & went on our ways. As usual, more photos at today's Lakeshore Images Post.

I wish I could say what has changed since the last time I was here at Lamoine, but that was in 1956, and about all I remember is we were in a site overlooking the water, and my brother & I went for a walk along the shore, met a Lobster-man who told us that if we talked our father into it, he would take all of us out on his boat at 6:00 the next morning. We did, and it was a memorable experience. On top of that, he gave us a lobster each as well as loaned us a pot to cook them in. I went looking for his lobster shack & pier today, and couldn't find it. I may wait for my lobster until we all get together in New Brunswick.

Dinner, for those interested, will be the rest of yesterday's beans, and probably a cheese brot along with a ear of corn. Actually, dinner will be the same for those not interested. Since I never know what to write in a blog, and I noticed that others seem to always include food, I figure I should include what was for dinner. At least I'm not taking photos of every meal & I'm sparing you from breakfast & lunch!

Till next time.

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