Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jefferson Campground, NH

Another Waterfall

Day 3 - Jefferson Campground, NH - 206.7 miles, 410.7 For the Trip

Another day, another 200 miles. I spent most of the day in Vermont on VT 125, VT 100 & US 2, driving some interesting roads. My "most interesting" was a 14 mile section of what I believe was VT 125. Rather than stripping the highway down to the first layer of asphalt, they took it down to the dirt. With all the rain, it is mostly mud. The sides of the RAV4 & the front of the trailer are not pretty, although it appears to be easier to wash off than the infamous red dust from Utah. I still have some of that caught in the crevasses of the RAV4 & my tripod! It also slowed me down quite a bit, mostly driving 25MPH. It did improve the gas mileage. While I usually get 15MPG towing, in the mountains of the Adirondacks & Vermont it was more like 14.5MPG. By the time I hit the end of the dirt it was up to 14.8MPG. I know, far too much information about nothing.

Not a lot in the way of photographs, although while still on the NY side of Lake Champlain I saw an interesting house - way too many windows, although since they were facing the lake I can understand why. It looked new, although a bit of a retro style and a nasty roofing job.

I did stop in Vermont for a photo of a roadside waterfall - in fact, two for the price of one. I'm now set up in site 34, with electric & water at the Jefferson Campground. It looks like it is mostly resident trailers, most of which seem to be empty. There is a amusement park of some sort next door.

Dinner tonight will be a Bubba Burger & Grandma Brown's Sauce Pan Beans. They are my favorite beans, however they seem to only be available in upstate NY.

Till next time.

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