Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Second Night

Today's Photo - The RAV4 & The Escape 17 at Washington Park, Anacortes, WA

Last night I already started off skipping something I swore I was going to do - take a photo of every campsite.  One of the problems trying to figure out where I've been would be much easier if I recorded where I stayed, but I forgot to either record it or photograph the site.  Tammy of Escape Industries made a reservation for me at the nearest campground -  Cottonwoods Meadows just across CA1 from the plant.  I was in site 36, not the greatest campground or site, however it was pull through which makes it easier for a new trailer puller!

Tonight I am in Site C18 in Washington Park, Anacortes, WA.  The park is next to the ferry to the San Juan Islands, an area we visited during our 2004 trip.  We stopped here at Washington Park, but just to each lunch, not camp.  The campground is very shady - my solar is only putting out .1 amps.  Beautiful large trees, moss & ferns on the forest floor, and the sunlight (yes, it isn't raining!) streaming through the trees makes for a pretty scene.

Washington Park, Anacortes, WA

Washington Park, Anacortes, WA

Only fault I can find is the sites are a bit muddy.  Although it isn't raining now, it looks like it did earlier in the day.  I need to get a mat for the trailer entrance, and probably a set of shoes that come on & off easier than sneakers.

As to driving, the trailer pulls great.  Just as if it was glued to the car.  As to mileage, I hope to do better on better roads than I took to get here - I dropped from 23.5mpg without the tow to 14mpg.  Oh well, only about 10,000 miles to go! Speaking (well, typing) of miles, today was 76.9 miles & a trip total of 3212.9.

Time to make dinner & relax for the rest of the day.  I got email from my friends that were going to come to Seattle next week, but they won't be able to make the trip from Colorado.  I think I'll head for Olympic National Park tomorrow.

Till then -


  1. Congratulations, Jon! She's beautiful. All the luck and happiness in the world traveling.

  2. Thanks! So far it has been a ball, although I wouldn't complain about a bit warmer weather! Going south will help.