Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hoh Rain Forest

Today's Photo - A Stop Along US 101 On Lake Crescent.

Actually, it might be called a snow forest - they had a couple of inches last night.  According to the only other person in the campground, the sunrise was beautiful.  At this point the snow is off the roads, the trees, and most of the ground that isn't shaded.  Of course, there is a lot of shade!
I'm in site 25 at the Hoh Campground.  It's self paying since there are no rangers or campground hosts around.  With my Senior Pass it is only $6.00 for the night; one of the advantages of being over 62.  Of course I don't have any water or electricity so I'll get to see how things work without it.  My lighting doesn't draw all that much since it's all LED, but the cell amp & furnace are power hogs.  I'll shut down the amp after posting.

It was an interesting drive on US 101.  About 25 miles north of the Hoh turnoff I hit a wall of hail.  The road went from wet to 1" of ice (at 60mph) Very exciting! Although the RAV4 did some sliding, the Equilizer Hitch, a straight section of road & very careful slowing down to 20mph did the trick.  I sure don't want to do that too often.  Since it is pouring & my mileage information is in the car, I'm going to wait until it stops (probably in the morning) to post todays mileage. The sun came out for a bit & recharged my batteries as well as letting me out of the trailer without drowning, so I'm adding the mileage tonight.  96.4 for the day & a trip total of 3420.4.

I did get out to shoot a couple of images before it started to rain again - I hope it will be nicer in the morning since this is a very pretty location.

You know, even with the rain it doesn't get much better than this.  A quiet location, a gently running river 20' from the trailer, and a wonderful view. More photos at my LakeshoreImages Blog.

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