Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bellingham, WA

Today's Photo - Mt Rainier (I'm pretty sure)

I've always seen Mt Rainier from the west, where there is less stuff in the way, so I won't swear this is Rainier, but it's my best guess after looking at the coordinates of where I took the photo & using a Google Map of the area.  In any case, it was the last chance to see it; the rain and fog moved in a few minutes later. Because of the rain, I didn't bother to take the loop through the park.  Maybe I can make the trip on my way back south from Chilliwack.

I did see something I wish other states did - along I90 there were signs identifying the crops growing in the fields along the road.  I appreciate knowing what is growing in the various fields I pass.  It is easy to identify things like corn or sunflowers, particularly late in the season, but the rest of the crops are just green. They may have only put the signs up because I90 is a major road, but it is the only place I've seen the signs.  Thank you whoever did it!

Today was an early stop.  I reached Bellingham, WA around 1:00 and since I wanted to spend the night in the US & hit Chilliwack Monday, it was a good place to stop.  I checked with Reace at Escape & they are doing a delivery in the morning so I'm scheduled for the afternoon. Today's mileage is only 254.3 and a total of 3072.6 for the trip.

It was time for an oil change for the RAV4 so I made a quick stop at Jiffy Lube.  They still had me in their computer even though my last time with them was the 2003 Town & Country a few years ago. It is pretty amazing how long your information floats around in company's databases.  I stopped at a Safeway, a store I haven't visited since our cross country trip in 1996.  They had a buy one, get one free for some vitamins, and although I didn't have my card, all it took was a phone number & it worked. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it saved me some $. I need to save every penny possible - the RAV4 is going to need new tires before the trip is over & the run flat Bridgestone tires on it are expensive.  Probably hard to find as well.  I probably should have changed them before picking up the trailer, however they aren't quite down to needing to be replaced.  With only 19463 miles on them they should have a long way to go, but from what I've read about them, they wear fairly fast. Oh well, that's a future problem!

I'm in the Bellingham, WA Comfort Inn, quite a bit more expensive than last night, which, by the way, was another cheap motel with a great bed.  Only problem is it was fairly high off the floor.  OK for me, but if I was still traveling with Carol I'm not sure she would have been able to climb into it!

In any case, I can use the extra time to catch up on bill paying, etc.

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