Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Escape Photos

Today's Photo - My Escape is getting closer!

Just a quick post for those following the building of my Escape 17B.  It is nice to see the insides taking shape:
The Front Dinette 

The Sink & Stove

Storage & Furnace

Looking Towards the Read Dinette

I mapped out my route to Chilliwack yesterday.  As I've mentioned before, I try to avoid the interstates when traveling.  I also try to take a new route across the country each time I go.  This time I will be taking parts of US6, 30, 212, and WA20 with lots of short lengths of others on the way.  Here is a map:

It looks to be about 3172 miles & 60 hours, 31 minutes, according to Garmin's Road Trip.  Of course I might take a bit longer since I plan to stop to sleep, eat & get gas every once in a while! I did plot out the trip on I90 - it ended up at 2903 miles & 44 hours & 27 minutes.  Sure, I'd save some time, probably some gas, but no where near as interesting.  If I break down & decide to get there sooner, I can hop up to I90 in many parts of my planned route, but as of now I plan to stick with the "Red Roads".

Till next time!


  1. Ya got a rite nice lookin' egg their if I.M. do say so. Takin' them there red rodes are a good idea. Two many folks starts out fast and gets burned out afore they know it. What yer doin' may not be what yer doin' fer the reminder of yer life, but it are certainly gonna be a hole lot more than a few days, so what are are hurry.

    PS Them picture ya post are always good.

  2. She's a beauty, Jon! I remember getting so excited once I got maps out--travel became a reality. Have a wonderful trip, and BLOG so we know where you are and what you're up to and see your beautiful PICTURES!!!