Monday, April 18, 2011

Day One - Kent, Ohio

Today's Photo - Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park, NY

I was off at the crack of 8:00AM. Actually, that is an early start - many of our trips ended up starting at the crack of Noon (Right, Anne).  Anyhow, it was cold & rainy most of the day.  I decided to stop at Letchworth, and got a break - the rain stopped.  The Genesee River through the park was raging.  I'm sure it has been higher, but this is as much water as I've seen.  In fact, most of the rivers I drove along today were overflowing their banks.  It has been a wet spring.

Here is another one of the lower falls:
Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park

There is a railroad trestle going over the river just above the upper falls - I've often seen people walking across it so I checked it out.  There are many "No Trespassing" signs plastered over the path to the bridge as well as on it.  Still, there was a couple in the middle as a train started to cross.  There seems to be room for both, however it there was a wide load on the train, it is a long way down to the river, and, of course, three waterfalls to float over.  So, I just took a photo of the train & bridge.  It is noted as the "Longest & Highest" wooden railroad bridge in the country. 

The Portage Railroad Bridge

The path the GPS took me on to get back on my route included a stretch of Wiscoy Road (still in NY) which passes over Wiscoy Falls.  Of course I had to stop & take a picture:
Wiscoy Falls, Wiscoy, NY

I drove longer than I expected - Stopped in Kent, OH, for a total of 410.5 miles today.  I'm not planning to do that much every day, but it does put me a bit ahead of schedule.  More time to explore!

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  1. Excellent shot of the falls,we were there 2 years ago and enjoyed it in full.
    Take a look

  2. Josh and I have walked along that train bridge! :) We have a pic somewhere of us on it.
    Happy travels, JV!