Friday, April 29, 2011

Cape Disappointment State Park

Today's Photo - Morning Light at the Hoh Rain Forest

No photos tonight (I added it on Saturday) - I only have a cell connection, and it is super slow - 43K (worse than dial up!)  I'll add at least one when I get a better connection.  It figures that photos would be out - I mentioned last post about morning light & it was there at the Hoh campground this morning.  Oh well, you are going to just have to wait.

Today's mileage was 194.7, all on US 101 for a trip total of 3615.1.  The MPG are up a bit to 13.8.  Nothing to write home about, but better than a Class A making 8MPG...

I have reached the southern most part of Washington State & stopped for the night at Cape Disappointment State Park.  $23.00 for full hookups. There are some great locations for photographing the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.  I hope to get back to a couple of them either around sunset tonight or early in the morning.  Check out is at 1:00, so there is plenty of time.

I bought a 2 1/2" memory foam topper for the bed - I think I mentioned that the cushions are designed to sit on & are too hard for comfortable sleeping.  The topper had to be cut to fit - I bought a cheap electric carving knife to trim it (one of the best ways other than a hot wire to cut soft foam).  We will see if there is an improvement tonight.  

I also cooked my first full meal in the trailer - I've been eating either sandwiches of soup, etc but decided to make spaghetti & sausage complete with sauce (well, jar sauce, not my infamous homemade).  Not bad, although cleaning up in a 12" sink is a little tough.

Tomorrow it is off to Oregon.  Till then!

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