Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beverly Beach State Park, OR

Today's Photo - haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR

Just getting up early enough doesn't always give you the magic light. Although I watched the sun come up on the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, it was not a very exciting image. I did find another direction to shoot the North Head Light. Not a majestic location as the Cape Disappointment light, but still a nice place to put a lighthouse!

I used the campground showers this morning - saves filling up the grey water tank in the Escape, and cleaning up a wet bath. For those that don't know what a wet bath is, because the Escape is rather small, the toilet, bathroom sink & shower are all combined in one space, and a small one at that. At least it has one of each & they are usable when necessary. So, the good thing is the campground has a nice roomy, warm shower. The bad thing - I usually don't wear my watch to the shower, and hung it on a hook in the shower stall. You guessed it - I left it behind. Only an inexpensive Timex, but it had an expansion band that is hard to find & one that I have worn for years. Oh well, time to shop for a new one.

My first stop today was at Cannon Beach to take a photo of Haystack rock. It is an impressive pile of dirt! I also stopped at a pull out a bit further south of Cannon Beach for another photo. After that it was on to Tillamook & the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I didn't take the official tour, but did check out the observation deck to watch them packaging their cheese. Of course I did pick up a couple of blocks of my favorites.

On the way out I met a family that was checking out the Escape. It attracts quite a bit of attention since there aren't all that many small fiberglass trailer manufacturers, and Escape is one of the smaller ones. I don't mind showing it off to anyone interesting, although Tammy did mention that I may get sick of all the questions. So far, no problem!

The road into Tillamook was very rough, and one of the overhead doors popped open. All that fell out was some fruit, but with some of the sections it could have been a disaster. I suspect the orange got banging back & forth hard enough to push it open...

The original plan was to stop at South Beach State Park for the night, but as I was passing the sign for Beverly Beach State Park a few miles north of Newport it indicated that there were still open sites, so rather than take the chance that South Beach would be full, I stopped at Beverly. I'm in H5, a nice pull through site that is a long way from the beach, but I don't plan of going swimming! $22.00 for the night with water & electric. Miles for today - 194.7, trip total 3809.8.

I'm planning to head further south tomorrow & stop to see the Sea Lion Caves near Heceta Beach.  I don't have any serious plans for stops after that, but I'll look for interesting places.

Till then -

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