Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Today's Photo - The Blueberries I'm going to miss this year!

Day 2 was a long one.  Drove 502.8 miles, for a two day total of 913.5. I know I said I was going to take it easy, but two things came up.  First, I emailed Tammy, one of the owners of Escape Trailer Industries, and she asked that I not stop to pick up my trailer on the 29th since they already have 3 being delivered that day.  So, I need to get there a bit earlier than planned since the 29th is a friday & I want to be in Seattle by the second or third.

I hate to admit the other reason, but as usual, I got lost driving around Chicago.  It seems to always happen, no matter how much I plan.  This time I can blame it on both the GPS (poor Matilda) and myself - one of my vias I used to try to force the GPS to take US 30 instead of I80 or I90 managed to be a bit off the road, and the GPS lost US 30 completely.  It kept insisting on backtracking to the location no matter how hard I tried to convince it that it was wrong. I finally gave up on it & used a paper map, but by the time I got done fooling around it was late enough that I called it a night & let the GPS do a search for a motel.  I'm at the Mendota, IL Comfort Inn at the intersection of 34 & I39.

I'll be back on US30 tomorrow, and see how the timing goes - I may have to move onto I90 to add a couple of days, but so far I'm ahead of schedule.

Not much to photograph today - that's why there is only one of my stock photos included in the post.  I did go through an Amish section of Indiana - there were almost as many horses as cars along the road.  There were also a number of them riding bicycles.  Lots of farms, but very little activity - everything is too wet. It rained all day, with heavy thunderstorms towards the end.  Right now there is thunder & lighting, and, at times, rain so heavy it is undriveable.  Glad I made it to the motel!

I do remember a trip in the past where we stopped at a section of highway where it passes over a railroad track - it was the highest point (other than grain elevators) in every direction.  Although it wasn't raining where we were, there were a couple of thunderstorms in the distance in a couple of directions - very impressive to watch. We don't get all that many thunderstorms in Oswego, and when we do unless they are over the lake there isn't all that much to see.  I did get a good photograph of a strike during the Harborfest Fireworks a couple of years ago:

Lightning Strike During Harborfest

I hope I finally get a chance to wear my sunglasses sometime on the trip!

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