Saturday, December 21, 2019

Day 62, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 13

The Start of the Big Tent

After a walk to the 76 station for coffee, I used the toaster oven to warm up a couple of biscuits for breakfast. A warm day - it hit 70°F by late afternoon. I did lots of sitting outside reading, then made a trip to the grocery store for a roast for dinner. No luck at either store - there was a couple of chuck roasts that I could have pot roasted, but they were a bit too fatty for me. I picked up a New York Steak that I'll grill for dinner.

They are starting the set up for the Big Tent. It is a tent the size of a couple football fields that used to sell RV stuff. ow, it is about 80% typical State Fair junk & 20% RV related. It is still quite a show, attracting well over 100,000 visitors during mid January. No tent yet, but the doorway support posts are in & the fake grass mats are going down.

After that it was back to sitting outside & reading, enjoying the warm weather. Fairly heavy high clouds, but the solar panels had the batteries back to full by noon. Amazon let me know my new Kindle would be in at the Rite Aid in Blythe on Monday, so I'll probably head there Monday afternoon.

Dinner was the NY Strip, mashed potatoes & mixed Asian vegetables. Unfortunately, the steak was from the wrong store (I stopped there second) and it was tough.

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