Monday, December 9, 2019

Day 50, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ

First Quartzsite Sunset

A cool night & morning. I wore my gloves while hooking up the trailer. I left Dead Horse Ranch around 9:30AM, and drove down I 17 to the 303, and I 10 to Quartzsite. I arrived around 1:00, bought a full winter pass good until April, then dumped the trailer & filled the fresh water tank at La Posa South. While I would have saved $20.00 by purchasing 4 - $40.00 2 week passes, it is much easier to get one for the season rather than having to stop in the office every 2 weeks.

After that I picked out a piece of La Posa West. The back of the trailer is headed south so I can use the short arms to tilt the solar panels. While I made arms to allow side to side tilting, they put the panels way up in the air, and the wind shakes the trailer. I don't believe they would blow off, but given the choice, I'll go with the shorter arms. I didn't set the panels up today - I'll see how the new lithium batteries & MPPT solar controller do with the panels flat.

A big change in temperature - it is 70°F both in & out of the trailer. I do have to adjust to living off the batteries. Too many days with hookups that have bred bad habits!

Dinner was a Boomerang's Chicken & Mushroom pot pie, although it should be called mushroom & chicken - more mushrooms than chicken. Still not too bad. I also included some applesauce & the rest of the asparagus.

There was a bit of color to the sunset, so I took a photo.

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