Friday, August 18, 2017

Day 13, Thursday, August 17, 2017 - Silver Lake Park, Maple Falls, WA

The First Campground Photo of the New Escape 21
Thursday, August 17, 2017 - Silver Lake Park, Maple Falls, WA, 14 Miles, 14 Towing Miles For the Trip

Well, here it is the first day/night in the trailer & I can't tell anyone. Here at the Silver Lake campground there is no cell service, either AT&T or Verizon. I'll put the page together, and hope to post it tomorrow when I go shopping.

It was quite a day! To start with, I have one thing to point out about the Best Western/Rainbow Country Inn. They have the worst separation between floors of any motel I've been in. A beautiful building with a central atrium, indoor pool, free breakfast, etc, but you can hear every step someone in the room above makes. Not just jumping or dropping things; every step make the floor creak. 

Anyhow, the people above me didn't get up before me, so I just had to listen to them getting ready for bed the night before (I was up at 6:30AM, far too early for us retired folks. A quick shower, breakfast & check out then over to Escape for my orientation. It went well, and I was done (and the additions to the trailer were also done) by 9:45. 

Around 10:00 we headed towards the border. As usual, I managed to get in the slowest line. Somehow at grocery stores & borders that always happens to me. The trailer went through the commercial lane and even though I had a 45 minute wait, I beat the trailer to Bob's Burgers. We switched tow vehicles & I was off for my first stop - across the street to U-Haul. 

While it was much cooler than when I loaded the U-Haul in Oswego, it was still quite a job getting everything in the Escape 21. I didn't bother unpacking the boxes at U-Haul, just stuffed them in the trailer. A 14 mile drive to Silver Lake Park & the Red Mountain Campground, Site 4. I'll be here for 5 nights so I can skip the Eclipse madness. It is a water & electric site for $31.00 per night. I thought I saw showers on the campground map, but that must have been one of the other campgrounds in the park - there are 3 of them. All that is here is a rough outhouse. Glad I have the trailer! I'm also glad I have a reservation. The campground is full over the weekend, at least according to the tags on the site posts.

I spent most of the day unpacking & trying to find places for everything. The 21 is a much bigger trailer than the 17 (well obviously 4' longer) and is wider & taller, but somehow I still had a difficult time finding room for everything. I'm sure I'll adjust to the new storage locations as I settle into the trailer. Right now I'm just trying to make enough room to eat & sleep!

I'm shot - Dinner was a couple of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (actually homemade Oswego strawberry jam) and some chips. I didn't have the energy to dig out the grill, but I now have 8 empty storage boxes. I left them next to the dumpster in case someone else can use them.

Since there is no cell coverage within 10 - 15 miles, I suspect my postings will be a bit erratic over the next week or so.

Until Next Time- 


  1. Woo Hoo, new trailer.....been waiting for the update. Safe travels Jon. The 21 is my choice too. Keep posting and enjoy the new 21.

  2. Congratulations, Jon! I'm looking forward to following your new adventure.
    -- Anne P

  3. Congratulations!!! I know you will get everything sorted like you want very soon!! Looking forward to your adventures in your new Escape!!

  4. Congratulations Jon. Though you have been through the process before and are a seasoned veteran, the newness is still exciting. I am a first-timer. I picked up my 19 on May 25 with a 2000 Tundra that I acquired in April. I retired the 1st of August so I have only been out for 3 weeks now. There are definitely some challenges but I am taking everything in stride. Currently situated in an RV park outside Elko NV while I get myself established as a Nevada resident. Love your photos. I had my own private eclipse party but don't have the camera to have captured it. See you sometime when our paths cross.