Monday, March 24, 2014

Quail Creek State Park, UT

Site 1, Quail Creek State Park, UT
Monday, March 24, 2014, Quail Creek State Park, UT - 102.7 miles , 6114.6 For the Trip

After packing and saying goodbye to my neighbors for the last two weeks, I headed for the dump station, and on to Quail Creek State Park outside of Hurricane, UT. I stopped on the way out of Valley of Fire to take a photo of the trailer in front of the Seven Sisters picnic ground, which can be found at today's LakeshoreImages page. The only other photo is of the trailer in site 1 at Quail Creek. Quail Creek is a fairly small, almost primitive campground - no hookups, but a bathroom with flush toilets (no showers) within walking distance. I assume there once was a Quail Creek; now it is a lake.

One point for those wishing to reserve a site unseen - some of them are large enough for a good sized RV, however a few of those are so steep that you would never be able to level your rig. I was concerned about mine - it was the only one left that was available for a week & listed as 20' deep. It is actually longer than that - both the trailer & RAV4 fit. Another piece of info about the campground - good AT&T & Verizon service with fast 4G LTE at my site.

They have an unusual boat launch - it has hours. It is open from 7:00AM - 10:00AM, and again 3:00PM to 5:00PM. Not sure why, but today at 4:00, it was closed. At least I think it was 4:00. I drove through Arizona with no daylight savings time, then into Utah. My phone & iPad says it is 6:30, while my watch and clock are still on Nevada time.

I did stop at Walmart on my way to the campground (it is about 4 miles away) and bought a new Coleman Grill/Stove. My old one had seen better days, and the regulator threads were worn to the point where propane bottles wouldn't stay connected. They do sell replacement regulators, but, as I said, the stove itself was pretty worn out. I've been using it for over 15 years. Another important point - the new one is red instead of green & matches the trailer strips!

Dinner was a turkey burger & the rest of the coleslaw from yesterday.

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  1. Jon, You can contact Coleman and they may replace your stove. A friend of mine in the Las Vegas Dutch Oven group contacted Coleman about his 30+ year stove, and they sent him a new one, without asking for the old to be sent back. While near Hurricane, there is a gorge that goes thru there. The bridge on Rt.9 going from Hurricane To LaVerkin crosses over it. There is also a place to hike down to it, although I am not sure exactly where.