Saturday, July 24, 2021

Patapsco Valley State Park Trip, Day1

Binghamton, NY, Saturday, July 24, 2021, 122.1 Miles, 122.1 Miles For the Trip

A Familiar Stop

We did the "Thanksgiving in July" dinner on Wednesday, a 22 pound turkey & the fixings for 7 of us, including Mike and Kitty's contribution of Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish. Every real Thanksgiving I hear multiple discussions on NPR of Mama Stamberg's relish, including the recipe, but never tried it. I'm a firm believer in plain jellied cranberry sauce, and never tried to make it. Mike offered to bring some, and I have to admit it is very good (although adding horseradish to cranberry sauce sounds strange, as well as the pink color).  I still use jelled for sandwiches, but it was great with the meal. 

 After that it was trailer packing time.  I don't know if starting from scratch is better than already having half the trailer still packed from the last trip; I guess I'll find out!  In any case, I spent the morning packing the "must wait for the last minute" stuff, watered the plants, & headed out around 11:30.  The usual unexciting trip down I 81 to Binghamton & Anne & Guido's. 

Dinner will be a Spiedie Endwell sandwich.  Spiedies are a Binghamton speciality.  Originally marinated lamp on Italian bread, but now lots of combinations based on pork or chicken, including salads.  The Endwell is a chicken, cheese & mushroom sandwich. 

Tomorrow we are heading to the Jonestown KOA, another often used overnight stop.  Patapsco Valley State Park is close enough to Binghamton that we don't really need to use Jonestown as an in between stop, but since we already made reservations coming & going, we will have shorter than normal drives.

Until Tomorrow -

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