Thursday, July 29, 2021

Patapsco Valley State Park Trip, Day 6

Anne, Guido, Jon, Karin, Zoe, V and Brian

Patapsco Valley State Park, Thursday, July 29, 2021

An interesting day.  It started with a visit of Karin, Brian & the granddaughters.  We sat around talking, taking some photos, and general goofing off.  To avoid confusion, Valerie is now V.

Anne, Guido, Karin, Zoe, V, and Brian

V, Zoe, Jon

Karin & Brian

Guido, Karin, Brian, Zoe, V

Brian & V

Jon & Karin
They stayed until it was time to head out to deliver V to Theatre Camp.  We sat around a bit more, then Anne's cousin Bill & wife Deidre stopped by for some blueberry pie.  While finishing up the pie & ice cream the weather warning alert went off letting us know a tornado was on its way.  Bill & Deidre headed out & we sat in out vehicles watching lots of thunder & lightning, very heavy rain, but no wind.  The weather radar showed the warning area passing south of us.

Dinner will be a cheese brat & fruit.

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