Monday, July 26, 2021

Patapsco Valley State Park Trip, Day 3

 Patapsco Valley State Park, MD, Monday, July 26, 2021, 111.6 Miles, 397.3 Miles For the Trip

Site 416

Site 414

Since we had a fairly short drive, we hung around the KOA most of the morning.  

I only thought the traffic was heavy yesterday.  Almost rear ended a VW in Harrisburg when he pulled in to the stopping space I was leaving between my truck & the Guidos. Just as he pulled in everything stopped.  I managed to stop 1' from his bumper.  Lots more stop & go traffic on I 83. The entrance to the campground that we took has a 11'1" tunnel/bridge on the way in.  A problem for many RVs, but not either of ours.  

Getting around the turns between the entry station & the gate to the campground was another story.  Nothing longer than my 21 would have made the turn, but almost everything longer than me is also more than 11' high. In any case, we are here.  Anne & Guido in 414 & me in 416.  Both sites are reasonably level although I had to unhook to get the tongue low enough to level the front, and raise one side an inch or so. Electric only sites for $27.06 per night, including the $6.25 reservation fee.  They have water fill stations and a dump site, as well as bathrooms with showers.

After setting up we sat around and read.  Since we are here for 4 days, I put out my welcome sign with the glowing hummingbird lights, and a hummingbird feeder on another stand.  Anne & Guido added lights to the Clam shelter and on their trailer's belly band.

A Luna Moth "hatched" on a post at the Guido's site.  We took photos - 

Just Out of the Cocoon


Other than that, it was hanging around until dinner.  Of course just as we started dinner it started to sprinkle.  We missed most of the storm - my daughter Karin is a bit south of us and got the blunt of it while picking up one of the grandkids.  Her Skype report:  "There were a bunch of branches / small trees down in the roads. Power outages in Silver Spring, so a bunch of traffic lights were out. Interesting drive".

A fellow camper leaving tomorrow gave us a home grown summer squash & zucchini, which we had with Bubba Burgers.

Until Tomorrow - 

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