Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Goings On

 I finished work on the gray tank, putting a layer of epoxy over the plastic weld to add some strength, and after that a layer of EternaBond tape.  I filled it with water & let it sit for a couple of days.  No leaks, so I hope it will hold.

EternaBond Tape

Not a lot going on - have been making my "Meals on Wheels" deliveries, and picking blueberries.  Lots on the bushes, but most are not yet ripe.  I did freeze one 6 cup (the size for a pie) bag.  I freeze them on a tray, then after they turn into frozen berries, put 6 cups in a vacuum freezer bag.  They keep well for a couple of years.  I may not do too many since I still have 4-5 bags from last year.

Picked the date for Thanksgiving in July - the 21st.  For the last couple of years I've been putting together a turkey dinner in July.  Since I'm usually in the south in the trailer for Thanksgiving, and like to cook a turkey, that is what I've been doing.  While I would prefer a Fresh Plainville Turkey, one of the best available, they are difficult to get unless it is late November.

Glad I have the Mini Split air conditioner since this has been a hot summer.  Much more powerful & much quieter than the old window AC, and cooking a turkey heats up the kitchen!

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  1. Good to see you're back on the road. You mentioned installing a mini-split at home.....we ran into a new Escape 21 in Big Bend with a mini-split the owners installed instead of the roof AC. Compressor rest on the bumper. Ran on their inverter or small generator.