Sunday, February 23, 2020

Day 126, Sunday, February 23, 2020 - Vekol Valley BLM, AZ

Vekol Valley, AZ Dispersed Camping
Lots of overnight wind, but the rain stopped and the sky cleared. I packed up & left Imperial Dam around 9:30AM. I stopped in a Yuma Walmart and spent way too much on restocking the refrigerator,  food & snack cabinets. Not too much traffic on I 8, and I arrived at the Vekol Valley BLM dispersed area around 2:00.  No bathrooms, tables, fire pits, or cost, just a piece of the desert.  I thought about going to Organ Pipe as I passed AZ 85, but it wasn't all that long ago that I visited, so I'll skip it this trip.

Lots of distant mountains, but flat enough that I didn't need to unhook. Lots of pretty clouds, a bit of wind, and cooler (68°F this afternoon with a predicted 48°F tonight) than Imperial Dam ( I gained around 1500' of altitude). There are 4 other RVs in sight, although Vekol Valley is large enough that there could be more here. Tom, the local BLM ranger stopped by for a chat, and I made my usual Sunday phone & Facetime calls with those shivering back East.

No real setting up, so I relaxed & read most of the afternoon. Current book is A Maiden's Grave by Jeffery Deaver.

Dinner was a thin crust Digiorno Supreme pizza.

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