Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Day 115, Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - SARA Rodeo Grounds, Lake Havasu City, AZ, Day 3

A Very Noisy Generator
The wind finally died down. A little cool at 65°F, but without the 25 MPH wind it felt great. One minor problem with sitting outside - there is a trailer in the lower section of the next row (a sticky, not a fiberglass) that is running a construction generator. Why someone that spends multiple tens of thousands of dollars on a trailer can't come up with $500 - $900 for an inverter generator is beyond me. He ran it all morning until well after lunch, but I still got in some reading. Current book is The Origins of Creativity by Edward O. Wilson. An interesting thesis of what makes us human.

I also included a photo of the view out my front window (well, what I'd see if I had a front window).

At 3:00 I headed to town & the eye doctor. My home doctor asked that I get a pressure test & field test while on the trip to check the progress of my glaucoma. Unfortunately, my left eye is in end stage glaucoma, but the right eye is still at 100%. It did take a long time for me to move from using my dominant eye (left) to the right for taking photos, but I've adjusted.

Dinner was a Beyond Burger & a salad.

Until Tomorrow -

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