Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Day 122, Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - Imperial Dam LTVA, CA

The Liberry
I was a bit nervous since my nearest neighbor dragged out a open frame (ie, construction) generator, but he never fired it up. So far there has been enough sun that I haven't needed mine, and as a quiet inverter type generator, I hope it won't annoy folks if I have to use it.

A relaxing night - the furnace never started for the first time in months. I discovered an interesting fact - my AT&T iPhone 10, even though is shows no bars, switched to California time. My Verizon iPhone 7+ stayed on Arizona time.

A bit cloudy this morning, but it cleared up by 11:00AM. I drove to the Liberry (that is the way they spell it), an old Airstream that is gutted & filled with shelves. There are liberrians that shelve the books by genre, and author. If you drop off books, they prefer that you don't shelve them, but like a real library, have a drop off shelf. You can borrow or trade up to 6 books at a time.

I took a couple more photos, including the reservoir, the bathroom (with outdoor showers) the "office" and part of the upper campground. Even though the place is called the Imperial Dam LTVA, it is really on the Senator Wash Dam & Reservoir. Imperial Dam is southeast of the LTVA and has a fancy camping resort (Hidden Shores) that is on the Imperial Dam Reservoir. There is suppose to be a nice restaurant there, but I've never been.  Photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Around 2:00 I headed over to the Squaw Lake BLM Campground on the other side of the Senator Wash Reservoir Dam for a shower. Squaw Lake Campground is a paid BLM campground that has paved sites that are essentially a parking lot, some with grills. The big advantage is bathrooms with showers. They use tokens, of which I have 4, since I only had a $5.00 bill when I went for showers 2 years ago. Glad they still use the same ones! 5 minutes for $1.00. They do run for at least 5 minutes with a nice showerhead, and you better plan for lots of rinse time since the water is very soft. Small rooms with a fold down seat in a separate drying area that will have a wet floor after you shower. 2 hooks for clothes & towel. Overall, a C+ rating, however since there is no alternative but the trailer, well worth the $1.00.

Back at the trailer I sat outside in a light breeze (it is almost always windy at Imperial Dam) and 85°F in the shade. Current book is In Times Like These by Nathan Van Coops, a very slow moving SiFi time travel book. I'm a bit addicted to time travel books, so I'll probably finish this, but unless it gets moving, I'm going to skip the next 3 in the series.

Dinner was a steak, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.

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