Saturday, February 22, 2020

Day 125, Saturday, February 22, 2020 - Imperial Dam LTVA, CA, Day 5

 Some rain overnight, enough that I woke up at 3:00AM and remembered that I had left the truck windows open an inch or so. I put on some pants, went out & closed them. Of course the rain stopped after I got back in the trailer. It started up around 7:00AM, and rained off and on throughout the day. It is raining now, although the sun is shining.

Around noon I headed out for propane. The Christian Service Center sells propane. I know they don't sell it on Sundays, but discovered that they also don't sell it on Saturdays. No problem, I went to the Yuma Proving Grounds where there is a gas station that sells propane. A bit of a PIA to get into - they need to see your auto insurance, registration, and check with Homeland Security with either a passport or driver's license to issue a day pass, about a 10 minute process. I pulled up to the gas station, and guess what? They don't sell propane on Saturdays.

Off to Hidden Shores Resort. I forgot what a PIA it is to drive into & around the place - speed bumps every couple of hundred feet. They have a gate guard that issued a pass after recording the truck license plate, and directed me to the store. Propane at $3.47 (including tax) was a dollar more per gallon than at Quartzsite, and the most expensive of the trip.

Bach at the trailer I did some reading, and started putting the trailer stuff away in anticipation of heading out in the morning. I got most of it done in between rain bursts. Folding up the 9'X12' plastic ground mat in 25 MPH winds was interesting. I was lucky - the wind direction actually helped fold it. By the way, with the rain the humidity reached 95%, a big improvement over yesterday's low of 14%.

No photos today - I did add a couple of crops of the satellite photos on day 123 since I had a number of inquiries about the photo from one of the forums I post to. There is a full sized jpg of the image added as well as the crops.

I also made another trip to the Squaw Lake Campground for a shower. I only have 2 tokens left; guess I'll have to come back next year!

Dinner was a Healthy Choice Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Cafe Steamer.

Until Tomorrow -

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