Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ricketts Glen State Park, PA, Day 2

Ricketts Glen State Park, PA

Friday, September 7 - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA, Day 2 - 13.2 Miles Today, 15,379.9 For the Trip

The 40% chance of thunderstorms predicted for last night came true. Thunder & lightning all night with rain both light & heavy until around 4:00AM.

After breakfast I headed to the parking lot at PA 118 to hike up Kitchen Creek & Glen Leigh. At "Waters Meet" I went up Ganoga Glen for the one waterfall I skipped because of the thunder yesterday. While it started out with good lighting, by the time I reached Onondaga Falls (the last on on Glen Leigh) the sun was out, burning out the highlights on the photos. I sure got tired of people walking by and saying "You have a great day for pictures with the sun shining!" Give me an overcast day for shooting moving water anytime. I did get fancy & took one image while zooming my 24mm - 70mm lens. An interesting effect, but not one I'll do too often. This and more at today's LakeshoreImages page.

After 6 miles of hiking I was bushed, and spent the afternoon relaxing back at the trailer. The campground is still mostly empty - there are about 5 campers in the loop I'm in and about the same in the big loop. I stopped at the office to see if they had any non reservable sites & they don't, and they are full for tomorrow. It doesn't matter this trip since I have reservations for tomorrow night at Letchworth, but at least I know I will have to make reservations for future trips if they include a weekend, even out of season. I'm not sure when people stop coming - last fall the campground was empty over the weekend.

While it's early for dinner, I'm planning to cook the steak I bought yesterday, along with snap peas & rice. I haven't been able to find my favorite flavored rice, so it will be Uncle Ben's White & Wild Rice combination.

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