Friday, September 14, 2012

Niagara Wine Escape, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Wine Escape, Riverside Campground, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Friday, September 14 -Niagara Wine Escape, Niagara Falls, Ontario - 74.8 Miles Today, 16,005.4 For the Trip

Not too bad a drive & an easy crossing into Canada. A little confusion at the border crossing booths - there was a sign for RVs, but after the sign the only RV like booth was for busses. I figured out that I didn't belong, and moved over to a normal booth. Very few questions, in fact since they didn't ask, I could have purchased my blueberries in the US - they were buy one, get one free at the Tops on the way. Still, I'm sure if I had bought them, they would have asked about fruit at the crossing!

I'm at the Niagara Wine Escape, a gathering of all kinds of fiberglass trailers that I'm attending for the third year. I'm in site 45 this year - I was in 84 last year but it is already taken. People arrived all afternoon, and while the rain started, heavy at times late afternoon, by evening the rain was gone & the skies turned blue. I took a few photos, and will make the rounds trying to get a photo of each trailer tomorrow.

I did get to a Canadian Walmart to purchase the blueberries for my pie - I'll put it together tomorrow. Dinner tonight was a steak, corn-on-the-cob & the rest of the leftover rice from last night.

Until Tomorrow -

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