Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coopers Rock State Park, WV

The Giant - At Coopers Rock State Park, WV

Tuesday, September 4 - Coopers Rock State Park, WV, -200.1 Miles Today, 15,079.7 For the Trip

Most of the drive today was spent on US 19, and a couple of Interstates, finishing on I 68 and Coopers Rock State Park. Another mostly empty campground when I arrived, although now at 8:00 there are about 6 tents & trailers here, and reservation signs for most of the sites for the coming weekend.

Another West Virginia park filled with Rhododendron. There is an overlook a couple of miles from the campground that has a pretty view that I suspect will be better during the Fall color change (which isn't all that far away - I saw many trees already coloring up both at Babcock & along the drive here. I'll bet the dry summer will make the change weeks early this year.

I'm in site 17 for two days. The original plan was to go to Ricketts Glen Thursday through the weekend, then head to Letchworth for four days. I have reservations on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for the Escape Wire Tour, a fiberglass rally I have attended for the last two years starting the 14th. Unfortunately, Ricketts Glen doesn't have any open sites on Saturday, so I only booked two days. On Saturday I'm heading to Letchworth for six days, a bit longer than planned. I'd rather spend more time hiking the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen, but I'll take what I can get. It is interesting that I've been able to camp all over the west in some of the most popular parks, rarely having the need for a reservation, but here in my home area even after Labor Day, the sites are booked & I spent the afternoon making reservations. I'm glad I could find open sites at Letchworth. After the weekend in Canada for the rally, it is home to Oswego.

I thought the internet connection through Verizon was slow at Babcock, but compared to here at Coopers Rock it was lightning fast. It takes a couple of minutes just to upload a page & over 1/2 hour for today's photos.

Dinner was spaghetti & sausage.

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