Monday, September 10, 2012

Letchworth State Park, Day 3

Mt Morris Dam From the Visitors Center

Monday, September 10 - Letchworth State Park, NY - 44 Miles Today, 15,632.8 For the Trip

It got even colder last night - down to the high 40's. What happened to those warm nights? After breakfast I decided to do one of the trails in the park. I chose Kisil Point trail because it looked like if followed a stream. It did, but it was mostly dried up. While a well marked trail, it wasn't as interesting as most I've hiked. For one thing, it looks just like home. Also, it doesn't have a destination. While a nice hike is OK, I prefer those that take you someplace. One last point - while the trail is well blazed, it isn't well kept up. There were fallen trees that had to be climbed over across the trail. Maybe natural, but still...

After the hike I drove on to the Mt Morris Dam Overlook. I've been to the overlook a number of times, and although I understand the principle of the dam is to only stop water when there is a flood, I have never been able to figure out how the Genesee River bypasses the dam the rest of the time. This trip I drove over to the other side of the dam at the COE visitors center & discovered that the river does go through the bottom of the dam. You can't see it from the Letchworth Park side - it looks like it is entirely dry behind the dam from the park. So, after 20 years of visits, I feel a bit stupid, but I now have it figured out!

After the dam I decided to drive into Geneseo to visit a Wegmans grocery store. For those not in the areas covered by Wegmans, it is quite a store. All the normal food, plus lots of natural foods, ethnic foods, etc. A great place to shop; only wish one would move to Oswego. I also waved to SUNY Geneseo as I drove by, my daughter & son-in-law's undergraduate Alma Mater.

After that it was back to the campground to sit in what little sun there was & relax. Dinner was a nice strip steak, corn on the cob & Bushes beans with onions (not as good as their beans with a touch of honey, and neither as good as our local Grandma Browns Saucepan Beans.

I actually built a fire that I'm currently typing in front of just to warm things up.  I'm not all that a believer in campfires (maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been heating my house with a wood stove since 1976) but tonight I have one.

Until Tomorrow -

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