Friday, May 13, 2011

Zion Day 2

Today's Photo Zion National Park From One of  the Maintenance Garages!

I wonder if some of the parks save the best views for their employees? I made a short drive at 6:00AM this morning to the location suggested by the campground hosts. It is a pretty location. Tomorow I'm going to go further up the road but even the early stop had some great light.

After that it was back to the trailer for breakfast, and then on to the shuttle to get a ride up the valley. I made most of the stops; those that I didn't get on the way up I did on the way down. My feet are a bit tired - I should have worn thicker socks.

Right now I'm relaxing under my awning in a cool breeze recovering from a slightly sunburned face and thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner. Probably hamburgers again since I hate to waste the meat & I'm not sure it will go another day. There are many photos from today at the day's Lakeshore Images posting. (By the way, if you are interested in any of the locations from which these photos were taken, use an EXIF viewer on the larger images. They include GPS locations & the direction the camera was pointed.) Here is one of the moonrise over the surrounding mountains:

Till tomorrow (well, actually later today!)

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  1. JV, you truly have a God-given talent for photography. Beautiful pics.