Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riverland RV Resort, Kingsburg, CA

Today's Photo - The Stream Next To Our Site (#74) at Tillie Creek Campground.

We didn't drive all that far today - we are at the Riverland RV Resort in Kingsburg, CA in site 54.  For those interested, today was 131.0 miles and, so far for the trip 7765.2,

The problem with "Resorts" are they are usually set up for permanent, or at least long time residents.  No picnic table, the bathrooms are about 1/4 mile from the site, utilities on the wrong side & end of the site, etc.  And, of course, they are going to be more expensive with the word "Resort" added to the name.  In this case, $60.00 for the three of us on one site. I admit we have both a trailer & a tent, but the last site cost $12.00.  Of course we do have electricity & water. All that said, it is a pretty site.  A river on one side & a lake in front.

Site 54, Riverland RV Resort, Kingsburg, CA
Till later...

Well, it's later. We decided that since we didn't have a table to eat at unless I wanted to tear the bed apart to turn it into a dinette, we'd eat out.  We went to a buffet at the China Garden, one of the  2007 "Top 100 Chinese Restaurant in the USA." It was OK, but of the thousands, or even millions of Chinese restaurants in the US, I don't think it hit the top 100.

Afte that Don & I watched the birds feed over the lake, talked & read, while Anne did a couple of loads of laundry.  By the time she got back we were freezing.  Can't seem to hit just the right temperature - Like Goldilocks, it is either too hot or too cold.  Tonight, 60°F just seems too cold, while a couple of days ago we would have loved it!  Just can't please any of us.

Till next time.

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  1. Hey Jon,

    You were just down the road from me last night. I was at my sister's in Visalia. Riverland used to be a nice camping site (though noisy on weekends) until it was sold a few years back and they tried to make it a "resort". Also the China Buffet used to be a decent chinese buffet but we noticed that even go down hill over the past few years. Maybe the 2007 proclamation made them get the big head and they forgot how they got there.

    Enjoying reading about your travels. Cheers.