Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Day At Page, AZ

Today's Photo - Sunset at Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ

There wasn't a lot of color to the sunset last night, but I went with what I had.  Sunrise this morning was even worse.  Perfectly blue sky with no color at all.  I didn't bother making the trip to Horseshoe Bend.  Instead, I did laundry.  The domestic chores need to be done, and since I'm heading to Monument Valley tomorrow, and met a couple in a Casita that just came from there & mentioned that the price of washing & drying was twice what it is here, it's time.

After that I drove to Cottonwood Drive to see the South Narrows, a slot canyon.  Although nothing like the colorful Antelope Canyons, it was interesting in its own way.  Very peaceful, undeveloped, and 25 miles up an unimproved road from US 89.  The road had many interesting rock formations along the way.  One thing I don't understand is how power lines that run along a road always end up on the more interesting side.  If they were planned, they would be on the less impressive side, or if unplanned & following the law of averages they would be half & half, but on almost all the main or back roads I've driven power lines are always in the way!

I didn't go all the way up the canyon - I was by myself, and rock scrambling is not a good idea all alone that far from anywhere!

Rocks Along Cottonwood Drive off US 89

After that it was off to a car wash to remove 1/4" or red clay dust and back to Page-Lake Powell Campground for dinner.  I plan to take it easy this evening & get an early start tomorrow.

South Narrows, Cottonwood Drive
Till Then -

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