Friday, May 13, 2011

Page, AZ

Today's Photo - Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ

I woke up early again this morning - I was raring to go at 5:30AM. Hard to believe! This time I drove out to the campground host's favorite place & kept going until I reached a parking lot & the road turned to dirt. I left the car there with all the maintenance workers vehicles & walked up the dirt road. Passed a couple of buildings I'd like to live in, a stream going across the road, and finally came to a open area that serves as a dead storage area for "stuff". Took some photos, came back to the campground, packed up the RAV4 & trailer & headed out to Page. The morning photos are at today's Lakeshore Images page.

I decided to stay on US 89 rather than take 89 Alt. Not sure why since the alt is a prettier road, maybe because I already drove 89 Alt. In any case, I reached Page & stopped for the afternoon at Page-Lake Powell Campground on Coppermine Road. I didn't realize there was a campground on the lake at Wahweap; I drove by it after registering at the Page-Lake Powell location. It was more my style, although at least here I get free showers! While there I saw the biggest boat I have ever seen on a trailer. I guess that is the only way you can get one to Lake Powell, but it must be impressive going down the road!

I also drove back to the BLM Visitor's Center to pick up one of their maps. After that I decided to try to find Horseshoe Bend. Photographing this feature is the main reason I came to Page. It was easy to find, although the directions in Laurent Martres' Photographing the Southwest, Volume II - Arizona were a little off. I plan to go back under better lighting conditions, but the photograph from this afternoon isn't too bad.

I'm going to do an early (well, not so early, it is already 5:30) dinner so I can go back to Horseshoe Bend for the sunset.

Till Tomorrow-

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