Monday, May 23, 2011

Las Vegas

Today's Photo - Sunset on the Rock Outside My Front Window, Valley of Fire State park, NV

I'm still in the Valley of Fire State Park.  I went to Las Vegas today to get my RAV4 serviced.  I'm switching from oil changes at 5K to 3K because of the towing.  I had them check the transmission fluid, but they liked the color of it and told me to wait until the regular scheduled service.  I was hoping to upload the multiple Lakeshore Images pages that are still sitting on the laptop, but although they had a WiFi internet connection that worked fine with my iPhone, the laptop wouldn't connect to the internet.  I connected fine to the WiFi network, but showed no internet connection.  I tried a bunch of things, but gave up.  Don't know when the large group of photos here at the park are going to become available.

I added a couple of fans to move air across the back of the refer.  Seems to help, although they are noisier than I had hoped. They are on a switch so I can turn them off at night.

Other than that, not much going on.

Till next time -

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