Monday, May 16, 2011

Monument Valley

Today's Photo Artist's Point, Monument Valley, AZ

Although the view is wonderful, the weather didn't cooperate - the day is very hazy, the wind is putting lots of dust in the air, and the sky is a bit boring.  In any case, this is one of the stops on the 17 mile Valley Drive.  The Navajo's mean it when they label the drive as "Unimproved".  Although it was not problem for the RAV4, it did rattle things up, including knocking the XM receiver off my dashboard.  I did see a couple of Class C RVs on the road - they were both rentals from Monte; I'm not sure driving the Valley Drive is in their contract!

Again, because of the weather, the photos are nothing to write home about, but more are on my Lakeshore Images Page.  I hope it will be clear enough to take a moonrise photo tonight.  It is almost a full moon (full is tomorrow) and according to my Photographer's Ephemeris app, it should rise in a nice location when viewed from the viewing platform at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  If it doesn't clear, I'll try again tomorrow since I'm here in site 20 at the Gouldings RV Park for two days.  A bit expensive at $44.00 per night with the AAA discount, but the only thing in the neighborhood with hookups.

I stopped to pick up some supplies for dinner at the Goulding Market - it is a large supermarket with reasonable prices, far from the typical campground store.

If the wind lets me do it, it will be grilled chicken & broccoli for dinner.  Speaking of wind, it is quite strong.  I almost decided to leave the trailer hooked to the car just to hold it down!  It's rocking a bit, but it doesn't look like it is going to get blown away.

I'll add a moon rise photo if it happens (well, the moon will rise no matter what, but there will only be a picture if I see it!) I'm using the campground's WiFi to post this.  Although there is good signal strength on the Verizon Air Card, the data rate is only about 45K, too slow to post photos. The campground is a bit faster at 150K down & 110K upload, but will not support FTP, so the Lakeshore Images page will have to wait until it does.  Sometimes it will allow updates late at night or early in the morning.

Till Later...

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