Saturday, May 7, 2011

Burney Falls, CA

Today's Photo (Well, actually yesterday's) Burney Falls, CA

Well, it was bound to happen - I have no internet connection - both WiFi & Verizon Cell service (at least data even with the Wilson amplifier) has failed to connect here at Burney Falls. I do have 2-3 bars on my AT&T iPhoneI did stop & take a couple of photos of Mt Shasta on the way down US 97. I wasn't that good a day for pictures, too much haze & clouds obscured the top of the mountain, ut I did include the RAV4 in the photo to prove I was there! After a short stint on Interstate 5, it was onto CA 89 heading for Burney Falls. This is one of my favorite waterfalls. I think my overall favorite is still Chittenango Falls in NY, but this is an awful close second. The many different sections that include a main falls and hundreds of smaller parts, many of which come out of the face of the cliff, not over the top make it different from most. There is more water coming over the falls than the last time I was here. The spray makes it difficult to photograph from the bottom, and the late afternoon sunlight produced flare on the slightest water drop on the lens. I'll try for some more tomorrow morning.

Note - I went back to the falls after dinner around 7:15PM and found the light much better. I also used my B+W 8 stop ND filter rather than the variable ND filter I used in the afternoon. I have a tendency to over dial the variable filter (they warn you not to) and the results is blotchy color. I like the evening results  much better. The image above is from the evening session.

It is warm here. 75°F. I would finally get the chance to try the trailer's air conditioner, but there is no electricity, or water, or sewer. California definitely has expensive camping. $30.00 for a dry site is a bit steep (well, I did get $2.00 off as a senior citizen so I only paid $28.00). I did include a photo of the campsite. If you look carefully, you will see a guest sitting on the passenger mirror. I'm in site 13.

Till Tomorrow or when ever I get to post this!

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  1. Jon, it's nice to know you made it to "sunny" California. It's been raining here since Thursday night. We got up too late to say good-bye but we sure enjoyed having you here at FishBend for two nights. We're enjoying your trip through your pics.