Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Trip to Bolerama and Takoma Park, Day 8

 Wednesday, July 12, 2023 - Cherry Hill Park, College Park, MD, Day 2, 0 Miles, 610.6 Miles For The Trip

A very warm night. I got the trailer down to 72°F before I shut off the AC & went to bed. The temperature at the head of the bed was 68°F and as it warmed up the outside temperature slowly dropped. Around 4:00AM the inside & outside temperatures were the same at 70°F so I turned on the Maxx Fan & opened a window. 

After a walk around the campground I sat out in the shade at a pleasant 72°F. I read a bit, then went in and ate a bagel for breakfast. I took my coffee over to the Guido's shade and Karin & Zoe arrived around 10:00. We sat around and talked, and all took turns taking a few photos:

Karin & Zoe left around noon to head for lunch & one of Zoe's summer camp sessions. I headed for the showers, which I give an A+. Separate drying area with a bench, shelf, & plenty of hooks, a second shelf right next to the shower curtain (in my case it had a bottle of body wash, conditioner & a plastic scrubby, but I suspect someone left them behind). In the shower a normal showerhead, adjustable temperature with plenty of hot water, a shelf, shower curtain and a 6" threshold to keep the water out of the drying area.

After that it was back at the Guido's site in the shade with a 22" fan blowing hot air across us. I'm now hiding in the air conditioned trailer starting today's page & eating the remainder of my quesadilla for lunch.

After lunch Anne's cousins stopped over as well as a former colleague Ken & Lorna. We sat around chasing the shade until around 4:30 when Anne, Guido & I headed to Karin's for dinner. It was the first time seeing her house - very nice. 

We had chicken kabobs, baked potato & corn on the cob. Since I don't see all that well after dark, we headed back to the campground just after the birthday cake Karin provided for Guido's birthday. We got back to the campground around 8:45.

Until Tomorrow - 

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