Friday, July 7, 2023

Trip to Bolerama And Takoma Park, Day 3

 Friday, July 7, 2023 - Long Beach Conservation Area, 0 Miles, 186.7 Miles For The Trip

While today is the first official day of the rally, there are many fiberglass trailers all over the park with most of them in the group area.

A warm night - the trailer never got below 70°F with or without the AC. By morning it was 70°F both in and out. I went for my usual walk this morning then headed back to the trailer to make at least one pie. Since it only warmed up the trailer to 82°F, I made the second. By the time the second pie was out of the oven it was up to 86°F in the trailer, although cooler than yesterday, and less humidity. After the pies, I headed over to register for the rally.

We made a run to Canadian Tire for some new hooks for Guido's trailer. The low hitch on the Sienna destroys them. The folks at the store couldn't find them, and finally announced that they were only available on line. Guido thought about it & asked if they had chain. They went to the chain section and there the hooks lived. 

Meanwhile I went next door and found my Quaker Harvest Crunch. I bought a box the last time I was in Canada and loved the cereal. Only problem is it is not available in the US unless you want to order it on line for $15.00 per box. One other minor problem - there are a bunch of varieties. I think I had the original, but there is also a raisin & a light version. I bought two of the original and one raisin.

After that it was back to the trailer and sitting around in the shade watching the Bolers arrive.

Alf & Mary Anne joined us for brats & beans, bringing some grilled zucchini & New York onion sauce. 

After dinner I made a round of some of the trailers. I shot 60 photos & used 43 on a web page for the rally. It took some time, but all of them uploaded. I hope my data stream to the US will last long enough to photo most of the rally. There are many more on my rally page for Bolerama 2023. Here is a sample:

Bolerama, Day 1

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