Thursday, July 6, 2023

Trip to Bolerama And Takoma Park, Day 2

 Thursday, July 6, 2023 - Home, 186.7 Miles, 186.7 Miles For The Trip

Anne & Guido arrived yesterday in time to hit Rudy's for dinner (our local on-the-lake fish & Texas Hot stop). After that  we sat out on the back deck keeping the birds away from their feeders. 

We left Oswego around 10:00 this morning and headed west on rt 104, south on 14 and onto the Thruway, crossing into Canada at the Peace Bridge. An easy crossing - they never even asked about beer & wine, although the usual "do you have any guns?" was asked. 

We arrived at the campground just in time for the shift change, providing a 20 minute wait, but it was a short drive to our sites. I'm in site 71 and the Guidos are in 93. While it sounds like they are far apart, they are next to each other.

Me in Site 71

The Guidos in Site 93

Large 15 Amp sites on grass with water & electric for $40.00 Canadian per night. We are here for 4 nights. I walked around the campground; it is filled with fiberglass trailers. Most are Bolers, but here are representatives of almost every make.

After that we sat under the awning running the air conditioners to try to get the trailers down below 80°F - it hit 92°F on the way, but here by the lake it is in the high 80's. Since they are only 15 amp connections, we were pushing the limit withe either the AC or microwave - no way to run both at the same time. My EMS showed 16 amps with the microwave on full power & 13 amps running the AC. We managed not to trip the site breakers, which is good because they are in a locked building.

About 5 minutes of barely noticeable rain after dinner.

Dinner was Anne's Chicken Chili.

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