Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 208, Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - Beacon Lodge & Motel, Snyder, TX

Site 3
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - Beacon Lodge & Motel, Snyder, TX - 203.9 Miles, 5,334.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

On the way out of town I stopped to refill a tank of propane. About all that happened for the day was another 200 miles east on US 180. I crossed into Central Time somewhere along the way. Since I'm trying to do at least 200 miles per day (a bit over my preferred 150) I planned a stop in Snyder, TX at the Beacon Motel. They have a campground next to the motel that has electric & sewer sites. I'm in site 3, for $23.00 per night. Good AT&T & Verizon data coverage, but no bathrooms or showers, and a bit of road & airport noise. OK for an overnight, but not a place I'd stay for a week. I just had some neighbors with 3 kids pull in next door towing a large 5th wheel. Other than that, we are the only ones in the campground (and most of the motel, as well). After watching them hook up, I found the water connection for my site. Not easy to access, so I didn't bother hooking it up.

I have "Informed Delivery" through the US post office. For those not familiar with the service, the post office takes the photos their mail sorters use & emails them to you each morning, letting you know what will appear in your mailbox later in the day. Very handy when you are traveling to see what arrived in your mailbox. So, I got an envelope from my health insurance prescription plan stating "Important Notice". Since it it a bit difficult to open an envelope over the internet, I called the insurance to ask what was in the letter. Of course they had no idea. I do know that my current home town pharmacy is a Rite Aid that was purchased by Walgreens, but according to the insurance phone assistant, that isn't anything they would mail about. So, the next time I need renewals, I head to a Rite Aid, or maybe a Walgreens, try to find out whether the Oswego, NY or Blythe, CA Rite Aid (the last place I filled my prescriptions) has my refills, or did they move to Walgreens, and discover which of my prescriptions, if any, the "Important Notice" was about. Ah, the joys of long term traveling!

Dinner was a microwaved Amy's Thai Pan Thai dinner, along with a little cottage cheese. I just watched a Domino's Pizza delivery vehicle pull into the motel. Wish I had thought of that before cooking the Thai Pan Thai dinner. While I really like the Amy's version of the meal, a pizza would have been nice!

By the way, for the first time in a long time, it is raining!

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