Friday, February 23, 2018

Day 203, Friday, February 23, 2018 - City of Rocks State Park, NM, Day 2

Some of the Rocks
Friday, February 23, 2018 - City of Rocks State Park, NM, Day 2, 0 Miles, 4,804.4 Towing Miles For the Trip

A lazy day, although I did walk the loop road around the campground (about 2 miles), taking a few photos of the rocks & campsites. Everything from tents through teardrops to large diesel class A's spread throughout the rocks. Even the group site has RVs in it. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

The staff did some wheel rut repairs to the road leading to my site. There must have been some wet weather last week - there are still a few puddles, and who ever was in my site previously made some deep ruts getting out. While the road into the site looks like hard packed sand, it can turn to mud with a little water.

The park is about 3/4 full, again, with all the hook up sites taken. By the way, there is no AT&T coverage here in the park, even with an amplifier & outside high gain antenna. On the other hand, Verizon has a strong, fast signal, even without an amp. Some FM stations, although no NPR or classical stations that are listen-able.

I did head for the showers after my 3:00 eye drops. I forgot how soft the water is here - you spend more time rinsing than washing. Push button, non temperature adjustable high pressure, low volume shower head, no bench or place to put things other than 4 hooks on the wall. There is a shower curtain & Dri-Dek type mats in the drying area so your feet stay dry. Very little heat & it was around 60°F, a bit cool for drying! By the way, it never got to the predicted 23°F last night, only down to 35°F. I did leave the cabinet doors open that had plumbing behind them, and ran the furnace at 60°F to make sure things didn't freeze; probably not necessary.

I was hoping to do some star photos last night since City of Rocks is far enough from city lights that the night skies are fairly pure. (There is enough "dark" that the campsites are named after constellations). While it was nice & clear, there was too much moon for photos.

Dinner was a couple of chicken patty sandwiches & a bit of cottage cheese.

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