Saturday, April 16, 2016

Townsend, TN, Day 3 & The 2016 Eggscursion

At The Pot Luck
Saturday, April 16, 2016, Townsend KOA, Townsend, TN, Day 3 & The 2016 Eggscursion, 0 Miles, 6,835.9 Miles for the Trip

I started my second blueberry pie around 10:00, again cooking it outside on the picnic table to keep from overheating the trailer. I read my current book - A Taste for Death by P. D. James. She is a British mystery author that I like to read, although it takes some serious shifting of gears. First are the British terms for everything that are different enough that you have to stop & figure out what the characters are talking about, and since I'm not familiar with many of the locations, both the locations & the "air" of the locations don't always work. For example, if an American author describes someone from the mid west or Vermont, etc you immediately get a picture (whether right or wrong) of what they are like. It doesn't work for British locations, at least for me since I've never been there. Still, I love the British & Scandinavian mystery genre. Everything slows down compared to most America authors, with much more descriptive bits. Anyhow, I've read a bunch of her & other European mysteries, and enjoy the shift.

I gave a couple of trailer tours, walked around the campground for a few more photos, then did more reading.

At 5:15 I grabbed the pies & headed to the pavilion for the pot luck. As usual, excellent food & enough for seconds. The entire group said a "hi" over Skype to a member that couldn't be here, after which he said grace. I believe it was the first time I've been to a pot luck (or anywhere else) where the grace was said over Skype on a cell phone!

Many additional pictures at the 2016 Eggscursion's second page.

After that it was back to the trailer with a bunch of empty (but dirty) pie plates to wash. I suspect the next gray water dump is going to be purple!

Dinner was obvious...

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  1. Sounds like the potluck became more like family getting together.What a wonderful event.