Friday, April 22, 2016

Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY

Don & Anne's, Binghamton, NY
Friday, April 22, 2016, Don & Anne's, Binghamton,  NY, 127.5 Miles, 7,589.2 Miles for the Trip

Some light rain on the drive to NY today, mostly on I 81. I could have made it home, but stopped to visit with some friends in Binghamton, NY. Don is a former student of mine & is now the Technical Director at Binghamton University. We went to Alaska together in June & July, giving their new 16' Scamp a workout. While here we talked about a trip to New England, and made reservations for Blackwoods Campground at Acadia National Park for late July. I'm glad we got around to it - there were only 3 available sites for the 3 days we booked, none at the new Schoodic Woods campground. We will plan the rest of the two week trip around those dates.

As to dinner, it will be a big change from my usual meals over the past 6 months. We will be having a  turkey dinner Anne is putting together for some visiting Chinese professors who had heard about, but never experienced Thanksgiving.

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