Thursday, April 21, 2016

Locust Lake State Park, , Barnesville, PA

Site 50, Locust Lake State Park, PA
Thursday, April 21, 2016, Locust Lake State Park, , Barnesville, PA, 121.9 Miles, 7,461.7 Miles for the Trip

Another day of mixed driving between US 11 & I 81. Other than stops for gas, I drove to the Locust Lake State Park in northeast PA. I'm in site 50, as usual, an electric only site. One thing that Pennsylvania does differently from many other state parks is setting aside a loop or section that is pet free. They charge an extra $3.00 if you bring a pet. With a somewhat involved fee schedule of $27.50 use fee plus $4.00 reservation fee (even though I didn't really make a reservation) less a $4.50 senior discount, I paid $27.00 for the night.

The bathroom with showers is not too far away, and while the stalls clean but a bit small, as is the drying areas (and no bench & only one hook) there is plenty of hot water & adjustable temperatures. Overall, at least a B.

I spent the afternoon reading, currently Jack DuBrul's Deep Fire Rising.

Dinner was a couple of chicken burritos & Bush's Bourbon & Brown Sugar beans. While doctored Grandma Brown saucepan beans (an upstate NY local brand) is still my favorite canned beans, I have to say that Bush's Bourbon & Brown Sugar is a very close second. I've only been able to find them in a few stores; hope they are available at home.

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