Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fairview Devils Step State Park

Site 65, Fairview Devils Step State Park
Thursday, April 7, 2016, Fairview Devils Step State Park, 83.3 Miles, 6,612 Miles for the Trip

Another short drive, mostly on US 64. I think I'm in Fairview Devils State Park, but it might also be Tims Ford State Park. I didn't get a campground map since no one was at the entrance station & I drove directly to my site. The signs are confusing since they alternate both names on the road into the park. In any case, I'm in site 65, a very nice site (it should be for $33.64 per night - a full hookup "Premium" site with no Senior discount). I didn't really need full hookups, but there wasn't much else available when I reserved the site. I probably should have waited until I got here - there appears to be a few empty sites without reservation tags on them. In any case, at least I got my black tank dumped & rinsed. There is a flock of Canada Geese in the campground. Not my favorite bird, although I am a bit partial to them - I sold a photo of one to National Geographic; the only image I've ever sold to the organization. The Canada Goose photo (today's, not the one I sold) is at today's LakeshoreImages page.

This section of the campground looks brand new, including the bathrooms. Since I consider myself an expert on campground bathrooms (I've been in over 800 of them in the last 5 years towing the trailer and thousands back when I tent camped) I feel I have to review the brand new buildings. The showers are individual rooms with no heat, and high pressure/low volume shower heads. They are not adjustable, so you have to hug the wall in front of them to get sprayed. The lights are on an automatic movement detector. As long as you are in the shower the lights stay on, however if you are in the drying area, they may go out. When they do, it is very dark - no windows. While there is a wall between the shower area & the very small drying area, the entire floor gets wet because the only drain is in the middle of the room. So much for the showers - the restroom also has movement detecting lights. They seem to stay on in the "throne" area, but at the urinal you better get lined up fast since they go out in 10 seconds, and you have to move back to the middle of the room waving your hands for them to come back on.

I know I'm being a bit harsh, but is is a brand new facility. I really wonder if the architects of most of the new campground facilities have ever used the results of their designs. Enough said.

I drove into town & the local Walmart for some rubber bands, and see if they stocked the freeze dried refried beans I found at one a couple of hundred miles to the west. No dice. Of course I bought a bunch of other stuff, including 4 new books by some of my favorite authors.

Dinner was a couple of Chicken & Cheese Chimichangas.

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  1. Jon, you have taught me about my own state...I had no knowledge of Fairview Devils Step SP! Sad to hear about poor construction...probably some politician's relative. Looks like you will be coming through our area. GA's Cloudland Canyon SP is not too far out of your way. National Forest campgrounds just east of cleveland and Ocoee on 64, a short detour off 411. Chilhowee Recreation area is 7 miles up a mountain...normally 15 bucks with a senior pass.
    See you next week!