Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tumalo State Park, Bend, OR

Mt. Washington, OR
Tuesday, April 98, 2014, Tumalo State Park, OR - 146.5 miles, 7719.8 For the Trip

It is good to have the internet back!

I got an early start today; I guess too early since I arrived at the campground dump station at 8:30, and found they don't open until 10:00.

A pleasant drive along OR 22, OR 126, & US 20 to Bend, and Tumalo State Park. For the next two days I'm in site C60 or C23, depending on whether you choose the post or the number on the road. I used the post to register. Today & tomorrow are the last 2 days of the "Discovery Season" for Oregon State Parks. The price of sites goes up during "Prime Season" by $6.00 starting on May 1st. I'm in a full hookup site for $22.00 per night.

I took a photo of the roadside snow along OR 126 at Santiam Pass (4817'). I was a bit nervous with all the signs stating "Carry chains or snow rated tires" along the road. While there was sand still on sections of the road, no snow, but plenty on the sides & mountains. I stopped to take a photo of Mount Washington, but didn't stop in Sisters, although the three mountains looked great.

I drove into Bend to get an oil change at Bend Toyota, however they only do them by appointment so I have to go back tomorrow at 4:30. Back at the campground I had a quick solar shower. I remember them from when I was here two years ago; non adjustable, and very hot! The water is going off in the campground tomorrow from 12:00 to 7:00 so even though I have full hookups, I'll be without water.

Dinner was very dried out Fred Myers chicken. I think I'll stick to Safeway in the future!

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