Friday, November 1, 2013

St Joseph Peninsula State Park, FL

Sunset at Shellmound County Park
Friday, November 1, 2013, St Joseph Peninsula State Park, FL - 233.6 miles, 2,355.7 For the Trip

Since yesterday was only a 7.5 mile drive, it is only fair that today's was a bit longer. All of the drive was on secondary roads, mostly on US 19 & 98. I'm set up in Site 118 for two days.

Back to Shellmound County Park (particularly since most of today's photos were taken there after yesterday's post). While it looks like a quiet, relaxing location, two things beg to differ with the appearance. First, the No See Ums. I've heard of them, but never camped with them. According to the previous link, in Spain they are called "Flying Teeth". Apparently, Spain has never lived with Adirondack Black Flies. Now those are flying teeth - you will often actually bleed after a bite from one. Still, the No See Ums have their place in producing misery. They are small enough that a dozen could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. Standard screens are like barn doors to them. And their bite, while not as painful as a black fly or horse fly, is extremely annoying. I finally gave up on sitting outside, even covered with DEET, took a shower, and spend a couple of hours sitting in the trailer slapping various parts of my exposed skin (and hopefully a few no see ums) until I went to bed. While it was over 85°F in the trailer, I still had to sleep with a sheet covering everything but my face to keep them away. At least they are small enough that they don't bite through a sheet!

The other event leading to a break in tranquility of the park was an invasion of air boats. While they are interesting, the park seems to be the launch site for the area, and the "Good Old Boys" like to take them out throughout the evening & night. I now know what it would be like to camp in an old prop only airport. Very loud, and when they return from their adventures they have to gun the engine (usually unmuffled V8's) to get onto their trailer. They did stop by 11:30PM, although they were back at it at 7:00AM. I took some photos of them launching a couple of them, as well as a few sunset images. The weird lighting is courtesy of the dock's Sodium Vapor streetlight. More photos at today's LakeshoreImages Page.

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