Sunday, November 10, 2013

Leasburg Dam State Park, NM

Moon & Tree

Sunday, November 10, 2013, Leasburg Dam State Park, NM - 250.8 miles, 4,005.7 For the Trip

Well, I finally made it across Texas! I stopped for the night at Leasburg Dam State Park near Radium Springs, NM. I tried for an electric site, and even though I got here pretty early (another time zone change) at 12:30, someone beat me to the last electric site by about 10 minutes. So, I'll be running the furnace tonight rather than my little cube heater. The cube heater does a good job, keeping the trailer warm even with the outside temperature in the 30's. I haven't had a chance to try it at temperatures below freezing yet, but I suspect it will do the job. In any case, I'll be burning gas tonight.

After talking with the volunteer at the park office and discovering that this is one of the busiest times for New Mexico parks, I decided to try for reservations for my next two stops. I know both Rockhound & City of Rocks state parks have non reservable sites, but when I called Rockhound they told me all the non reservable sites were taken, and there was only one reservable site left for tomorrow. I tried calling New Mexico's Reserve America 800 number, and they are closed weekends. Luckily, there is good cell service here at Leasburg, and I managed to get the open site on line. Since I was there, I did the same for Tuesday's stop at City of Rocks State Park.

You can tell Leasburg Dam State Park is desert. If not by the vegetation, by how fast my rolls dried out while waiting for the sausage to grill. They were crusty in 5 minutes! Your lips also dry out very quickly.

Not much in the way of photographs. I did try for a couple of the moon but there is lots of "trash" in the images. I may try for some night shots if there isn't a lot of background light. The moon doesn't set until close to midnight, so I might not make it...

Until tomorrow -

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