Saturday, November 9, 2013

South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX

Buck Lake, South Llano River State Park, TX

Friday, November 8, 2013, South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX - 177.3 miles, 3,492.7 For the Trip

Rather than wait until the traffic into San Antonio died down, I decided to bypass the city on Texas 46. Seemed like a good move - not much traffic, and a good road. My GPS kept telling me there were traffic problems on I 10 in the city. I joined I 10 at Boerne, and found the traffic light and comfortable, other than the 75 - 80 MPH speed limits and me only doing 60. Yes, 60. I usually only travel at 57 MPH, but the flatlands of Florida and the rest of the coast built up my MPG far enough that I can afford to go a little faster as long as I'm cruising the interstate. I'm still over 15 MPG for the trip.

I debated (well, as much as one can do with one's self) as to stopping at South Llano River State Park, or doing another 70 miles or so to stop in Sonora. Since I've already been to Sonora, and not to South Llano River, it wasn't all that much of an argument. It will make tomorrow's drive a bit longer than I usually do since I have a reservation for the night at Balmorhea State Park.

After setting up I went for a walk through the turkey roosting area. They have a number of trails here in the park, some blinds to watch birds, at least one of which even has a water fountain in front to attract birds. There is a herd of White Tailed Deer running in the woods behind the campground. And I do mean running. Most of the deer I've seen is state parks just stand around, but these don't ever stop running and leaping around, not even for me to take their picture!

While returning I walked through the campground & found a Casita. Guess that makes sense since they are made here in Texas, but I still haven't seen very many fiberglass trailers either in campgrounds or on the road.

The plan was to come back to the trailer, get out the chair, and sit & read, but it is raining. Very light, so maybe it will stop & I'll still get to spend some time outside.

By the way, I doubt you will see this until tomorrow - the only internet connection I seem to be able to make isn't fast enough to post photos. Photos at today's LakeshoreImages page.

It is now tomorrow, and I'm in a rest stop along I 10 about 20 miles east of Sonora.

Until later -

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